What we do at Caprica

What We Do

Caprica Litigation Funding provides a cost effective third party litigation funding solution for lawyers’ fees and disbursements on a non-recourse basis.

We help claimants involved in commercial litigation to obtain cash flow certainty over their legal spend, whilst removing the cost risk of losing their case.

We provide litigation funding at typically less than half the cost of traditional third party funding thanks to our sizeable economies of scale.

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Cases We Fund

Cases We Fund

We specialise in providing litigation finance for commercial litigation and international arbitration cases.

We offer competitive litigation funding for:

  • Small and large value commercial disputes
  • Financing requirements of £50,000 > £10m
  • Cases at an early or advanced stage
  • Cases where the chances of success are 60% or greater

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Why Choose Caprica

Why Choose Caprica

  • We enjoy extensive capital resources
  • Our funding terms are more cost effective
  • A large and highly experienced team
  • Deliver an efficient and professional service
  • Our competitiveness means we don’t need to insist upon exclusivity

In summary, your search for a competitive litigation funding partner ends here.

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Essentially, a third party litigation funder is a company that provides non-recourse legal finance on behalf of a claimant (plaintiff).

In exchange for agreeing to provide finance for the claimant’s legal fees, the litigation funder is rewarded by way of a financing fee. However, if the case is lost, the financing fee is not payable and the client is not liable for the investment provided by the funder.

Caprica is a provider of litigation funding.  We arrange financing for lawyers’ fees and disbursements, including Counsel’s fees and expert’s fees as required.

When it comes to pricing, some litigation funding companies seek to express their financing fee as a percentage of the claimant’s overall damages recovery.

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After the Event (‘ATE’) insurance is a specialist form of insurance designed to assist individuals and companies pursuing a legal claim by protecting any potential exposure to legal costs.

ATE insurance policies are designed to provide a claimant with an indemnity for legal fees in the event that a case is lost.  Similarly to a litigation funder, an ATE insurer is typically only paid an insurance premium if the case is successful. If the case loses, the ATE insurer does not receive a premium and pays the insured legal fees.

Insurance of this nature, taken out in proceedings being brought in England and Wales, benefits from the “cost shifting” rules that apply. In England and Wales, the “losing party” will typically be liable for the costs of their opponent in the litigation (“adverse costs”). ATE insurance is often taken out to protect against this adverse cost exposure.

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Caprica manages one of the largest pools of capital in the litigation funding marketplace.

Our institutional backing means we are not restricted by the level of capital we have available for litigation funding, either in terms of the volume of cases we can fund or the level of third party litigation funding we can commit to any one case.

We are confident that Caprica is the natural choice for lawyers who recognise their professional obligations to achieve the best possible outcome for the client in litigation or arbitration. A key part of that objective ought to be ensuring any third party litigation financing is competitively priced.

At Caprica, we believe that our pricing model is one of the most competitive in the global litigation funding marketplace. When combined with the depths of our capital resources, this puts Caprica as a clear leader in the world of third party litigation funding.


Caprica works with a variety of different clients and law firms, handling an assortment of commercial litigation and arbitration.

Working with commercial enterprises, individual/collective litigants, group or class actions, we are dedicated to providing a litigation financing solution which ensures the client retains the highest possible proportion of the claim proceeds.

  • Commercial Enterprises
  • Insolvency Practitioners
  • Group/Class Actions
  • Individual/Collective Litigants

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Global Funding

Caprica is an international litigation financing company.  We can consider cases that are being litigated or arbitrated in the UK or internationally.

We regularly receive enquiries from litigants and law firms seeking litigation funding in various European jurisdictions, the US, Canada, Asia and Australia.

Our team also pride themselves on being specialists in arranging litigation funding for international arbitrations including ICSID, UNCITRAL, ICC etc.

At Caprica, we are keen to continue to develop our relationships with leading commercial litigators around the globe. We thrive on innovation and therefore value the experience we gain from working with litigation law firms in different jurisdictions around the world.

If you represent a client with a good commercial litigation or arbitration case, we are keen to hear from you. Contact Caprica today for further information.